My name is Oleg Okunev.
I was born on July 7, 1983.
My childhood passed in a small town - Kherson.
After a few years of working in Dnepropetrovsk, I returned to my native town. But after the start of the war and the occupation of Kherson, I was forced to return back to the Dnepr.

Since I can remember, I’ve been drawing comics.
I have finished the Tauride Art Lyceum in southern Ukraine where I have received a classical art education.
It all started with the online newspaper Regiononline where my comical pictures and cartoons for the news feed were posted.
Then I stepped on a thorny path of adult comics where I had to perceive all the fascination and charm of the human anatomy.
My first big works were published in the youth magazine of comics Bubble, which is dedicated to native superheroes. By the end of 2022, I have several games released on Steam and other platforms in my portfolio. My comic books have been published by well-known publishers such as Scout Comics and Aftershock. And this is not counting dozens of smaller works.

Now I'm working at 4 main projects:
1. Project with Adrian Speckert, with very original script for Scout comics. 4 books will be created. 1 book is ready.
2. "Ophelia" project with Christoph Schlenger. Special agents, sex, and a lot of dead bad guys. #1 and #2 books are ready and available for all my patrons here. A new book is on the table now!
3. Cyrillic project. I have a dream to create a new comics universe, where heroes of Slavic fairy tales live in our world. For now, I have only heroes, because I can work on it only in my free time.
4. We continue making games with Ivan Lytkin (Ktulhu Solutions). New gane about Jerry adventures will be available in 2023.

Come to read and see it all, my friends, you are very welcome!